What Happens To Defendants?

With all the bad press personal injury litigation has gotten over the years, we lose sight of the fact that most people – even most people plaintiffs in personal injury claims – are basically decent and honest. We do not want to take advantage of people or even insurance companies. For this reason, some people are reluctant to bring a lawsuit, even against a major corporation or insurance company.

At Smith, Feddeler & Smith, P.A., we understand this reservation. With decades of experience representing clients throughout central Florida in all types of personal injury and disability claims, our lawyers are committed to helping our clients get the results they need. Part of this commitment includes walking you through the entire process, making sure you understand how injury claims proceed. Our attorneys will help you get the compensation you need in a way you feel comfortable.

What Happens In A Personal Injury Case?

After an accident, the insurance companies will conduct their investigations. In those investigations, they will contact the parties involved, who will give their respective reports.

In most injury cases, the defendant in the case who allegedly caused the accident will have very little contact with the insurance company, and no contact with the plaintiff. This is important to most plaintiffs who don’t want to be too personally involved with the person or entity they are suing.

Insurance companies and attorneys representing defendants are usually motivated to settle claims out of court to avoid the expenses and hassles involved with litigation. This means that in most cases, the plaintiff has very little to no contact with the defendant or the insurance company.


When cases don’t settle, they proceed to the courtroom trial, known as litigation. Although litigation is a much more intense and demanding procedure than settlement negotiation, there is still little to no contact between plaintiff and defendant. Once the lawyers are involved, usually the plaintiff attorney and the attorney for the insurance company will be fighting it out in court. As a plaintiff, you will probably be there in the courtroom, but you will not be engaged in most of the legal battle.

Advocates For You

As your attorneys, we will not only fight to get you the best results in negotiation and litigation, but we also let you steer the case. We will let you know how these various steps in the process will go, and you can decide what you are comfortable with.

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