Know The Stalling Tactics Used By Insurance Adjusters 

Regardless of how nice, helpful or even trustworthy an insurance adjuster assigned to your case may seem, his or her job is to settle your claim for as little as possible. In other words, an insurance adjuster has loyalty to the insurance company, not you. Some adjusters even using stalling tactics to delay your claim with the knowledge that delays in the claims process will negatively affect your finances and force you to settle your claim for less than it is worth. This is precisely the reason why you need to hire a Lakeland personal injury attorney who can recognize the warning signs that your insurance adjuster might be deliberately trying to stall your claim.

Stalling Tactics And Warning Signs

One warning sign is if the adjuster rejects your claim because he or she cannot get the insured’s cooperation to complete the investigation. Although the insured party needs to cooperate enough for the insurance company to do a thorough investigation, chances are the insurance company has sufficient facts to close the case and pay you.

Another warning sign is if the adjuster asks for information from you in increments. Instead of asking for necessary information and documentation at once, the adjuster will ask for it a little at a time to delay your claim for as long as possible.

Yet another sign is if the insurance company continuously and intentionally changes your representative to the point where you are so aggravated and baffled as to who should be handling your claim that you accept any settlement you are offered.

Lastly, the most alarming warning sign of which you and your Lakeland personal injury attorney should be wary is when the adjuster tries to convince you to use your own insurance to pay for the medical costs you have incurred. In personal injury claims, the other party’s insurance is supposed to pay for your medical expenses.

Free Consultations Available

Before speaking with an insurance adjuster, it is important to talk to a Lakeland personal injury attorney. Your attorney can provide you with crucial information about the value of your case and how to avoid the tactics adjusters will use to stall your claim.

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