A Lakeland Injury Attorney Offers an Overview of Brain Injuries

Car accidents, sports injuries, slips and falls, assault, workplace accidents, overdoses and more can cause brain injuries with a wide variety of results. The recipient can suffer physical, mental and emotional impairments ranging from mild to serious that can last a lifetime and drastically change the quality of life for the recipient. For example, a person’s head can slam against the windshield during a car accident, resulting in minor but noticeable changes in the following months. Talk to our Lakeland injury attorney for additional information on how we can help.

Brain Injuries Defined

Brain injury, head trauma, head injury and traumatic brain injury are just some of the terms used to refer to physical jarring and trauma to the brain or head. While the symptoms might be obvious and permanent, they can also be subtle, especially in a closed head injury such as a concussion. For example, the CDC reports that nearly one in three football players sustain a concussion each year. Other types of injuries include whiplash, acquired brain injury due to internal damage and open wounds and bleeding.

Possible Brain Injury Symptoms

Symptoms of a brain injury might include a nagging headache, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, balance challenges and memory loss. Additional difficulties could include nausea, general lethargic behavior, personality changes, cognitive changes or blurred vision. Although the victim may lose consciousness, medical professionals report that is not always the case.

Symptoms sometimes take time to appear. The person might seem fine immediately following an accident but could slowly change during the coming days or even weeks. Emergency room professionals sometimes overlook the symptoms. Even if you feel fine, you should still seek immediate medical attention after any type of open or closed head injury. Our Lakeland brain injury lawyer observes that documenting proper procedures and care can help you if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Children and Brain Injuries

Recreational activities, falls, abuse, “shaken-baby syndrome” and bike accidents are some of the major causes of brain injuries in children. Again, symptoms can be hard to detect, especially in babies and young children who cannot properly communicate their distress. The CDC suggests contacting a medical professional after a blow to the head. The following symptoms might be present: tiredness, irritable, regression, vomiting, loss of interest in activities or toys and changes in behavior.

Recommendations from Our Orlando-Area Injury Attorney

Seek immediate professional medical help after an accident or blow to the head, no matter how minor it may initially seem. Since a brain injury might take time to appear, you will need to demonstrate that you took proactive measures regarding treatment. A medical evaluation can confirm your version of events and add substance to a possible lawsuit. In addition, a visit to urgent care or the emergency room can show that you took the injury seriously.

If you have further questions about how our Lakeland brain injury lawyer can help you or your loved one, please call our office for additional information. You can reach Smith, Feddeler & Smith, P.A. at 863-336-6927.