When Is the Best Time for a Lawyer to Get Involved in My Case?

Many people wait until it is time to request a hearing before contacting us to represent them. Although everyone agrees that lawyer’s help is essential at the hearing and the great majority of people who have lawyers win their cases at a hearing, how necessary it is to have the help of a lawyer at the early stages is a subject with arguments on both sides.

More than one-third of those people who apply will be found disabled after filing the initial application without a lawyer’s help. About 15% of those who request reconsideration are found disabled at the reconsideration stage, mostly without a lawyer’s help. If you are successful in handling the case yourself at the initial or reconsideration steps, you will save having to pay attorney’s fees. It is hard to predict which cases may benefit from a lawyer’s help early on.

However, we will be glad to meet with you in a free initial consultation at any stage of your case. In some circumstances, we even meet with people prior to filing their initial claim and help guide them through the application process.

If you want us to consider becoming involved in your case at the initial or reconsideration steps, please call us to discuss your situation.