Mark G. Capron

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and Smith Feddeler family member, Mark Capron. He fought the best fight of his life against the tragic diagnosis of neuro-endrocrine cancer and was a true warrior who remained in positive spirits until the end. He was surrounded by his friends and family in the final hours including his wife and boys, Tobin, Jac, and Wesley.

Mark graduated from William & Mary Law school and immediately became a strong advocate for those whose voices could not be heard. He joined Smith Feddeler initially in 2000 handing personal injury, wrongful death, employment and workers' compensation cases. After operating his own practice for eight years, Mark returned to his original home in 2018 where he continued his passion for persons and families in crisis.

Mark paved the way in workers' compensation and was a part of many crucial decisions with the First District Court of Appeal that promoted the rights of injured workers including Myers v. Hillsborough County School Bd. in 2008 where he prevailed for the injured worker and got confirmation from the Court that a denial of an earlier claim for PTD benefits did not bar a subsequent claim for PTD. This was a monumental decision and certainly one that will continue to be relevant going forward for those permanently and totally injured because of their work accidents. In Rose v. Geico in 2012 which confirmed that no change in condition needed to be shown with regards to subsequent repetitive trauma "because every new exposure to the trauma was a new "accident" for purposes of workers' compensation. In Willis v. Publix, Mark helped build the strength behind the 120 day pay and investigate period where he was successful in getting the First DCA to confirm that an employer's failure to deny compensability within the 120 day period resulted in a waiver of their right to deny compensability.

Mark's great heart and strength was shared with his loving family and together they ministered families in the foster care system, their church and various non-profit organizations. The world has lost a great man today and his kindness, passion, and strength will be a brand that inspires us all.