There were 298,360 workers’ compensation claims filed in Florida in 2020, based on information from the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. If you’re hurt on the job and want to receive workers’ compensation, medical treatment is necessary.

You can’t choose your doctor after a workplace injury in Florida – at least not if you’re going to apply for workplace injury compensation. Your employer’s insurance company will choose a doctor for you to visit. But there are exceptions to this rule that might apply to you.


There’s no time to wait for an insurance company when you need emergency treatment. You can choose your doctor if you need immediate attention. This also applies if the insurance company takes too long to tell you which doctor to visit.

Another exception is if the insurance company has a managed care arrangement. With this arrangement, you might have a network of doctors from which to choose. The insurance company won’t direct you to a specific doctor, but they will require you to choose from within the network.

You can request a new doctor if you’re unhappy with the one chosen by the insurance company. If the insurance company denies your request, you can try to appeal the decision.

Workers’ compensation benefits

Switching doctors can hurt your workers’ compensation claim. Depending on your condition, you might have to restart your treatment. Not only can this delay your recovery, but it can affect your ability to get your benefits.

You want to avoid jeopardizing your workers’ compensation claim. Learning about your rights and options can help you make wise decisions.