You understand the important role a physician plays in your effort to obtain workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace injury. An examining physician can determine the success of your claim as well as the length of time you will receive those much-needed benefits.

But what happens if you have an uneasy feeling about this physician – handpicked by your employer’s insurance company? And you just do not like him or her? Well, you have the option to switch doctors for your workers’ compensation claim. However, this move may backfire.

You can change physicians only once

That uneasy feeling may come from the fact that the insurance company’s chosen physician does not have your best interests in mind. Rather, that doctor advocates for your employer and the insurance company, essentially throwing fairness by the wayside.

In Florida, you do have a single chance to request another examining doctor in workers’ compensation scenarios. While on the surface, such a decision seems like a good idea, this move just may not work in you favor.

A more biased physician?

Given this chance, your employer’s insurance may select another physician who is even more biased for the company than the previous doctor. This may result in putting your workers’ compensation benefits further into jeopardy.

By making this change, you are taking a risk, essentially rolling the dice in relation to your chances of receiving workers’ compensation benefits. You will be stuck with your decision as well as the decisions made by the newly selected doctor.

Seek legal advice before considering a change

Before considering changing physicians, it is crucial to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Be careful, remain vigilant and seek guidance from a skilled legal advocate.