Florida is home to many people who make a living working some dangerous occupations. Essential workers often face injury risks, and injuries could result in medical bills and extended breaks from employment. Some workers may consider themselves lucky only to suffer harm, as numerous professionals lose their lives in work-related accidents. Understanding the risks could help employees and contractors be aware of potential dangers and, hopefully, avoid them.

Dangerous jobs and the hazards

It should not come as a great surprise that construction work represents the most dangerous profession in the Sunshine State. Eighty-four people lost their lives at construction sites in 2018, a tragic figure. Construction sites remain home to many hazards, like slips and falls from upper floors or ladders, which could kill on impact.

Falling objects, vehicle collisions, electrocutions, and tool disasters may lead to injuries or deaths at construction sites. And construction sites are not the only work environments people face great dangers.

Any work that involves transportation could lead to death or permanent injury. Car crashes kill many people per year, and professionals who work in transportation jobs may find themselves constantly at risk.

Other deadly professions in Florida

Although the annual fatalities appear lower, people who work in maintenance and repair jobs face similar risks to those working in construction. Production and agriculture professions are dangerous, as many realize. Not everyone knows that sales work comes with risks, but hazards exist.

Anyone working in protective services, such as security guard jobs, may find themselves involved in confrontations. Getting hurt after dealing with a belligerent person may lead a security professional to file for workers’ compensation.

Threats and dangers lurk at almost every job site. Someone could trip over a chair leg and suffer a bank injury at virtually any office job. While not all professions come with the extreme dangers presented at construction sites, anyone could get hurt anywhere in an unexpected mishap. Florida’s workers’ comp laws open doors for employees to seek compensation when a work-related injury leaves them incapacitated.