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No one gets behind the wheel of a car expecting to get into an accident. Statistically, though, most drivers will get into some type of wreck over the course of their driving lives.  Although we do not like to think about it, Florida roads are increasingly congested, with too much traffic and qualify as real danger zones.

This blog post will discuss common sense steps to take and some things you can do to protect your legal rights in the event you are in an accident and have to seek financial damages.

Get the medical care you need…

First and foremost, we want you to get the medical care and treatment you need in order to recover as fully as possible from any injuries.  If you are hurt, or if you think you may be hurt, get medical attention at the scene and don’t turn down an ambulance ride to the hospital. Countless times, we see insurance companies dispute the validity of injuries because the injured person declined medical treatment at the accident scene.  Everything you say or do regarding your medical condition will be evidence the insurance company tries to use against you.  At the hospital, be vocal about all of your injuries, areas of pain or concerns of harm.  Follow the doctor’s orders and keep careful notes about the treatment plan and medication you discussed.

At the scene…

Do not apologize for the accident or try to explain your actions behind the wheel. There is often a temptation to avoid confrontation or make the other driver feel better.  But even a friendly, “Gee, I’m sorry this happened” can be used as evidence that you apologized for being at fault. Ask an uninjured party to use your smartphone or camera to safely snap photos of the vehicles involved in the accident. Jot down information about the conditions that may have led to the accident, including the road surface, weather, speed of traffic, light conditions or other contributing elements. Record contact information of any eyewitnesses who may have been present.  Their statements later may be vital to full recovery.

After you are home…

Report the accident to your insurance company, but do not make any recorded statements or sign any documents until after consulting an attorney. Do not discuss the accident with the other driver, their insurance company or their attorney. Do not discuss the circumstances of your accident or your injuries with anyone outside of people who need to know, such as the police, your doctor and your family. Continue to follow your doctor’s medical treatment to the letter. Schedule a consultation to meet with a knowledgeable, reputable personal injury lawyer with experience handling motor vehicle accident cases in your area of Florida.

Following these simple steps may make a substantial difference in the recovery you receive. Take action to protect your rights.