Discovery Requests: What To Know

Not too many personal injury suits that are filed get a quick response to settle by the opposing party. Generally, the defendant will file an answer and then immediately send a discovery request. Your Lakeland injury lawyer will also prepare a discovery request on your behalf if he or she has not done so already.

An expert Lakeland injury lawyer will usually send you, the client, the discovery request prior to filing suit. This is important because the defense will send similar documents, and your attorney will need to know the answers prior to filing suit so that he or she can make an informed decision with regard to your case.

It is very common for those who are filing personal injury claims to either neglect or intentionally refuse to provide damaging information prior to their suits being filed. The insurance companies and defense attorneys are aware of this fact. As such, they will often offer only nominal settlement values in the hopes that, during discovery, their defense attorneys will uncover damaging information in their medical records as a result of a past injury or condition. Therefore, they will request all your medical records from every provider from which you received treatment within the past 10 years.

Such requests, however, are not only limited to medical records. Your Lakeland injury lawyer may also need to produce witnesses, pictures, theories of liability and other such information.

Overall, you can be sure that once the defense counsel requests discovery, your case will definitely be damaged in some way. Therefore, it is imperative for you to have hired an aggressive and experienced Lakeland injury lawyer who can expertly provide documents and information that will not damage your case and your ability to recover just compensation.

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