How To Handle Constant Requests For Documentation

A personal injury claim is often a long and stressful process. The insurance adjusters will use any tactic possible to delay settling or paying out a maximum claim. Your experienced and aggressive Lakeland injury lawyer can properly respond to stop these unnecessary delay tactics and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Common Tactics Used By Claims Adjusters

One of the delay tactics that adjusters will use is the constant request for additional documentation that is most likely not even necessary in settling your claim. If your Lakeland injury lawyer has already provided all the necessary medical bills, medical reports and lost wage information but the adjuster continues to make more document demands, your attorney may insist on an offer before providing such materials. If the adjuster refuses to answer, your Lakeland injury lawyer can reply that the information will be supplied during discovery after your suit has been filed.

It is also common for the insurance adjuster to request medical documents for either five or 10 years prior to your claim. This is obviously a delay tactic because it will take your Lakeland injury lawyer a long time to prepare such documents and provide it to the adjuster.

What To Do About These Constant Requests

There are certain steps your attorney can take to deal with such burdensome requests. If you do not have a substantial medical history or prior injuries to the area that is the subject of your claim, then it should not take long to provide such documents. This will leave the adjuster with no option but to settle.

However, if you have had prior injuries to the affected area, it will enhance your credibility for your Lakeland injury lawyer to provide this information upfront. This will also enable the insurance carrier to make an informed decision and stop playing delay tactic games in settling your claim.

Contact A Lawyer Who Can Work With Your Insurer

Overall, when dealing with insurance companies in personal injury claims, it is important for you to be properly represented by an experienced injury lawyer. For a free consultation with a dedicated Lakeland injury lawyer at the law firm of Smith, Feddeler & Smith, P.A., call 863-336-6927 or send an email.