Valuing Your Lakeland Personal Injury Case Based on Medical Bills and Records

Insurance companies look to the total amount of medical bills as the primary factor in a settlement offer. To the company, those bills are the best indicator of your actual injuries. However, your Lakeland personal injury attorney will explain that the quality and source of those medical bills are an important factor.

What Insurance Companies Look for in Medical Bills

Has there been a hospital stay, medical or osteopathic treatment, physical therapy, diagnostic testing or prescriptions, orthopedic devices or over-the-counter medicine prescribed?

Medical bills that relate to actual injuries are better received. A Lakeland personal injury attorney can tell you that your case appears weak to the insurance company if you have racked up significant medical diagnostic bills to only show you have no injuries that can be documented.

The worst case scenario is if the bills are inflated or are for treatment you may have received that is unrelated to the case in question.

What Insurance Companies Look for in Medical Records

Narrative reports from well-respected physicians are the best, and descriptive and factual reports are preferable. Of course, any objective test results that support your injury are extremely helpful.

Reports that use equivocating terms like “maybe” or “possibly” don’t do much to help your case. Similarly, records that are based entirely on your self-reported symptoms do not lend much credence to your case. Objective injuries the doctor is able to observe firsthand are valued more highly by insurance adjusters.

How well-documented your injuries are and what treatment you received for them plays an essential role in your ability to achieve a positive settlement. Smith, Feddeler & Smith, a Lakeland personal injury attorney firm, understands these issues and is available to help. You may contact their office at 863-336-6927 for a free initial consultation. Call today.