How Lakeland Employment Lawyers Evaluate Cases

The way in which a Lakeland employment attorney evaluates a potential client calls for a considerable amount of instinct and experience on the attorney’s part. Ultimately, the attorney’s goal is to figure out whether this is a good client who has a good case, a good client who has a bad case, a bad client who has a good case, or a bad client who has a bad case. Going through this evaluation process allows the lawyer to determine whether or not he or she wants to work with you.

For instance, if a Lakeland employment attorney believes that the prospective client would be difficult to work with based on initial conversations, then the attorney may conclude that there may have been justification as to why he or she lost the job in the first place. One of the most common defense statements in employment cases is that the plaintiff simply was not a team player. So if the attorney believes that the client does not work well with others, then the attorney may decide to pass up the case.

In general, when evaluating a potential client, the employment lawyer will go through a checklist of items in his or her mind, such as whether or not the prospective client is likable and whether he or she will be able to sell the story to the jury. Is the client someone the attorney can work with or will the attorney be fighting the client as well as the defense? Does the prospective client seem deceitful? Does his or her story seem reasonable or suspect?

Additionally, the employment lawyer will look at whether or not the potential client is actually listening and asking appropriate questions, or if it seems like the client thinks he or she knows it all and does not have to listen. Further, the potential client’s track record at work will be important, as will the overall way in which he or she treats the attorney’s office staff.

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