Tampa Employment Lawyers: Suggestions for Preparing for Your Deposition

Attorneys use depositions as part of the “discovery” process to ask questions of potential witnesses in advance of trial. An experienced Tampa employment lawyer will prepare you in advance of your deposition so that you have a good idea of what to expect at this question and answer session. A deposition is not an interrogation. Depositions are used to prepare for trial – specifically to gather information and learn how potential witnesses will respond to questions.

Preparation is the key to feeling comfortable at your deposition. You will be asked a variety of questions regarding your case, which will be recorded by a court reporter. The best thing that you can do to prepare is to make sure you have reviewed all the facts regarding your case before the deposition and attempt to get a good night’s sleep. Your Tampa employment lawyer should meet with you in advance, too. Together, you will go over the specifics of your case and discuss questions that are likely to be asked of you. You should only answer the questions that are posed to you in a straightforward honest manner. If you misstate something, you should correct the statement.

Although it is completely normal, you should try not to feel nervous about a deposition. After the first few questions, most people relax. Before they know it, it will be over. Your Tampa employment lawyer will be right there next to you during your deposition. You are allowed to take breaks, and you are allowed to ask your attorney questions. The more familiar you are with the facts of what happened, the more comfortable you will feel at the deposition. Do not be afraid to ask your Tampa employment lawyer any questions you might have about the deposition process.

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