Getting injured on the job poses many challenges for Florida workers depending on their paychecks to pay their bills. Approved workers’ compensation claims pay a portion of employees’ earnings. Work availability might be affected depending on the nature of the injury and the recovery time. Many workers worry about retaliatory actions by their employers because of getting injured at work.

Most employers abide by all workers’ compensation guidelines, but there are retaliation cases against injured workers, such as cutting hours or shift changes without notice.

Workers’ compensation relates to the on-the-job injury and not how many hours an employer schedules an employee. In addition, your doctor might recommend fewer hours while you recover but still allow you to return to work.

Schedule changes after on-the-job injuries

Your work schedule might need to change after an injury if it’s severe enough to prevent you from safely performing your duties.

A meeting with human resources can clear up any concerns about shift changes. Part-time workers might get reduced hours at work as a cost-cutting measure, so if other part-time workers’ hours are reduced, the reason is likely valid.

You should understand how many hours you can work from your doctor’s report and if your job was changed or transferred to accommodate your limited abilities.

If you require training for a new position or move to another department, your hours and shift might change to allow the transition. Also, if your doctor says you are fully recovered and can work in your primary position, you might need to accept fewer hours or a different shift while the worker who took your place in your absence gets reassigned.

Document return to work incidents

If you suspect you’re being mistreated after a workplace injury, take action. Keeping notes about the incidents, including dates, times and the people involved, will help you take steps to resolve the issue. Know that you have rights and don’t accept poor treatment from an employer after returning to work.