There are several professionals that you have to contact after a workplace accident and injury. The first company to contact is your employer as you file a workers’ compensation claim. You have to visit the doctor and may want to use your doctor to treat an injury. In Florida, most workers have to see the doctor that is provided by your employer.

Medical requirements for workers’ comp

After an injury, the employee is required to contact the employer and file a claim for workers’ compensation. In order to receive benefits, you must visit a doctor and undergo a medical evaluation. The doctor must prove that your severe injury has caused a temporary or permanent disability that prevents you from working and earning a reasonable living. Your employer manages the workers’ compensation benefits, so they or the insurance company chooses the doctor that you must see.

Employees’ rights

Employees are not allowed to choose their own doctors. If they do, they will not receive their benefits and have to pay for their own medical expenses. In certain circumstances, they can choose their own doctor if the employer or insurance company fails to respond to their claims or provide timely services. After reporting your injury, you are entitled to speak to an insurance claim adjuster who will discuss your rights.

The rules for obtaining workers’ compensation after an injury vary by state. Florida’s workplaces and insurance companies deny employees the right to choose the doctors to treat them and still receive benefits. In rare situations, you can choose your own doctor, but overall, the state has greater control over your medical care.