It is not uncommon for workers to suffer injuries on the job. From high-risk industries like construction and factory work to less obvious occupations such as warehouse work and office duties, workers can suffer lifelong injuries based on numerous factors. Unfortunately, many of these injuries go unreported for fear of retaliation.

Many workers decide to live through an injury, chronic pain or toxic exposure rather than struggle with potentially devastating repercussions. Essentially, any time a manager, supervisor or owner discriminates, harasses or punishes a worker for filing a workers’ compensation claim, it can likely be considered retaliation. Even though there are legal protections in place to shield employees from workplace retaliation, it can still happen. To avoid the possibility of any unpleasantness, many workers simply decide to treat their own injuries or pay for any medical treatment out of their own pocket.

Common forms of retaliation can include:

  • Termination
  • Demotion
  • Assigning the employee to an undesirable shift
  • Assigning the employee to an undesirable department
  • Reduction in salary
  • Verbal harassment

Typically, there are three types of workplace accidents that can lead to injuries or worsening conditions:

  • A single-accident injury: This can mean falling down the stairs, falling objects or environmental hazards such as shock injuries, fire injuries or chemical burns.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Workers who perform the same task over and over during their shifts might experience repetitive strain. This is damage caused to the muscles and tendons when workers repeat the same activity for days, weeks or months on end.
  • Toxic exposure: Exposure to harmful chemicals in the workplace can lead to devastating injuries and serious health problems. From powerful cleaning agents to potentially toxic materials used in the manufacturing process, workers can face serious injuries.

No matter the type of accident or the severity of the injury, it is wise to report the occurrence as soon as possible.