Thanks to the popularity of online shopping, warehouse jobs have become widely available in and around Lakeland. If you earn your forklift certification, you may be able to compete for some of the higher-paying positions in the warehouse. Forklift drivers, though, have some risk of colliding with overhead power lines.

Because they must lift heavy loads, most forklifts have steel bodies and forks. These forks, of course, extend high into the air. When elevated, steel forks may collide with live wires. Because most forklifts conduct electricity, entanglement with live wires may send a jolt of high-voltage electricity through the forklift to the ground.

Stay in the driver’s seat

Many modern forklifts have insulated cabins that protect drivers from electrocution. The insulated cabin on your forklift can only do its job if you stay in place, however. Touching other parts of the forklift may put you at risk. Furthermore, because electricity may be in the ground or floor surrounding your forklift, stepping out of the forklift may also be hazardous.

Warn your coworkers

If you hit overhead wires with your forklift, your coworkers may hear a loud noise or see a bright spark. While it may be tempting for your coworkers to come to your rescue, doing so may put their lives in danger. Consequently, you should immediately warn your coworkers to stay at least 35-feet away.

While you can take steps to stay safe on your forklift, a collision with live wires is an emergency that requires professional assistance. When warning your coworkers to keep their distance, ask a specific person to call 911. Then, wait for emergency responders to arrive to extricate you from your forklift.