Nurses in Florida know that some of the most difficult things about their occupation are the injuries they sustain at work. Being a nurse is one of the most physically demanding jobs after construction work. The amount of lifting, pulling and carrying that nurses do each day eventually takes a toll on their bodies.

There are some myths surrounding handling patients and how it affects nurses’ bodies. This misinformation is extremely misleading for practitioners and can lead to injury.

What are some myths relating to nursing and handling patients?

There are several misleading assumptions about nurses lifting and moving patients, including the belief that:

  • Nurses can lift patients safely if they just use special lifting techniques and biomechanics. Studies have shown that this is not the case. These techniques may work on static objects, like boxes, but the process doesn’t work as easily since patients aren’t static objects. Additionally, a lot of patients are obese, making it even more dangerous to lift them.
  • Medical professionals may be able to move patients faster if they do so manually instead of using equipment, making the process more efficient. While it may be true that patients may be moved faster if they’re lifted manually, it’s always safer to use machinery and equipment.
  • The equipment is too expensive for many medical facilities to afford. Many clinics look at the up-front costs of purchasing it and decide not to buy, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial costs. Facilities can avoid the cost of losing valuable personnel due to personal injury issues.
  • Nurses who are strong and fit don’t need to worry about getting injured when handling patients. Nothing could be more untrue. Many young, otherwise healthy nurses sustain serious injuries lifting patients. Due to their perceived strength and good health, they’re often asked to help lift heavy patients, causing serious injuries to their backs and other parts of their bodies.

Who can nurses and medical professionals turn to when dealing with job-related injuries?

Nurses have one of the hardest jobs in the world, and their duties make them highly susceptible to injuries. They may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience handling personal injury cases.