The National Safety Council reports 4.6 million United States work injuries in 2018 alone. If you experience a disabling injury at work, you may struggle with the cost of medical bills as well as the loss of your wages.

Take these safety steps to shield yourself from a serious work injury.

Use personal protective equipment

You should have personal protective equipment if your work requires contact with hazardous substances, heavy machinery, chemicals or power tools. PPE varies based on the task but often encompasses a properly fitting face mask, hard hat, eye shield, boots and heavy work gloves. Find out if you or your employer will provide PPE for your job.

Report dangerous conditions

Tell your supervisor right away if you notice a workplace hazard. If you cannot clear the danger, post signs to let other employees know to avoid the area. If your employer ignores hazards, you can file an Occupational Health and Safety Act report.

Organize your area

No matter what type of work you do, a cluttered workspace can cause a dangerous fall injury. If you work in a warehouse, make sure the aisles are clear and boxes are safely stacked. In an office, remove wires and loose cords that create a tripping hazard.

Avoid overexertion

Many work injuries result from repetitive actions rather than one acute incident. Rest frequently if your job requires these motions, such as carrying, pushing, lifting or even typing. Stretch your muscles and walk around once every hour or so.

If you do experience a workplace injury, you can file a Florida workers’ compensation claim.