Accidents happen. Some are avoidable, but some just happen. You lifted that box funny and now, your doctor says you have a herniated disc in your spine. Or maybe a patient suddenly became violent and you got a concussion. What happens to your job when you can’t work or simply can’t do everything you typically would?

Does my employer have to offer worker’s compensation?

Employers in Florida must carry worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. While there are specific regulations that apply to every industry, the majority must have coverage. Here are the employers who must have coverage according to Florida’s Chief Financial Officer:

  • Employers with four or more employees
  • Construction employers with one or more employees including themselves
  • State or local government employers
  • Farmers with five year-round employees or 12 seasonal employees

What if they don’t give worker’s comp or fire me?

Retaliation is any type of negative action punishing you for asserting your rights, which includes utilizing worker’s compensation insurance for injury on the job. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prohibits this type of action against you. Retaliation includes actions based solely on your claims, such as:

  • Firing or reprimanding you
  • Transferring you to a worse position
  • Giving you a poor performance valuation when it is not deserved
  • Verbal or physical abuse or harassment
  • Increased surveillance
  • Making work more difficult

If your employer tries to retaliate against you for an injury you sustain on the job or simply does not have worker’s compensation insurance when they should, talk to an attorney. They will help you understand and protect your rights as a Florida employee.