Defensive tactics have to be a priority for bikers. And educational campaigns continue to try to get across to other motorists to look for bikes.

For the motorcyclist, there are things that need to be done before they even leave home. Safety has to continue onto the road as well. Whether you are riding solo or in a group, consider these tips.

Choose the right gear

The gear you wear can be a lifesaver if you are in a wreck. The most important piece is the helmet since you need to protect your brain. Make sure that the one you have is a DOT-approved model that fits properly and has never been in a crash.

Wear riding shoes and pants. These can protect you from road rash if you are thrown from your motorcycle. Appropriate gloves en sure you have a proper grip on the handles and controls.

Avoid wearing only dark colors. Bright colors and reflective strips can make you more visible to other drivers on the road, which might prevent an accident.

Pick your pack carefully

If you are going to ride in a group, make sure you trust each person in the pack. One unsafe driver can put everyone in danger, so you don’t need to take any chances with a motorcyclist who is going to take risky chances during the ride. Make sure that everyone knows the proper spacing to keep during the ride so that there are no motorcycle-to-motorcycle crashes.

Stay alert and plan ahead

You need to be sober and well rested when you ride. There is no room for a biker who isn’t giving their full attention to the road. You can’t treat the motorcycle like a car. You need to leave an escape route so that if you see another driver who looks like they are not going to stop before hitting your motorcycle, you have an option for avoiding the wreck.

Motorcyclists can be seriously injured in a wreck. Get medical care and definitely look into your legal options in Florida to receive compensation for the financial devastation that can occur in these cases.