If you were involved in a car accident and a child was in the car at the time, it is likely that the well-being of the child will be your first concern. Young children are more vulnerable in a car accident because they are still growing and developing.

Generally speaking, the younger the child is, the higher risk there is of a serious brain injury occurring in a car accident. However, the seriousness of the impact, as well as specific details – was the child in the proper car seat and belted appropriately – will affect the risk of a head injury.

Early Assessments

Head injuries are one of the most common causes of death in children. It is crucial that a child is assessed for a head injury as soon as possible after an accident. The child may look and feel fine, but the symptoms of serious head injuries can take some time to develop. Early medical intervention may identify concerns and begin treatment.

The most common symptoms of head injuries in children

Perhaps the most obvious symptoms of head injuries include a cut on the head or a swollen area on the head. However, even if there is no sign of cuts or bumps on the child’s head, you should still be concerned if they report headaches, sensitivity to noise and light, or dizziness. They may also feel cautious, confused or irritable.

What are the different types of head injuries that children can suffer from?

A head injury is a broad term to describe many different injuries that can occur within the brain. These include concussions, contusions and skull fractures. A concussion can cause an instant but temporary loss of awareness and alertness. This could last for a few seconds or for several hours. A contusion can be described as a type of bruise that causes swelling and bleeding in the brain. A skull fracture can accompany a concussion and contusion, and occurs when one of the skull bones break.

If your child suffered a head injury after a car accident in Florida, they may need significant rehabilitation and medical care to help them make a full recovery. It is important to take action and speak with an attorney about your concerns and what available remedies might exist.