As with many areas of the law, the answer is sometimes. If the mental or nervous injury is in any way connects to an actual physical injury that occurred during the course and scope of employment. However, if you are a First Responder under Florida Statutes then the mental or nervous injury does not need to be associated with a physical accident or injury.

This was an extremely important and needed addition to the law that went into effect in October 2018.

Getting needed benefits

There are several caveats to the law including coverage both from a medical and lost wages standpoint regarding post traumatic stress disorder for our First Responders. We believe that with any type of injury, either physical or psychiatric, assistance is needed to help heal. Mental health is crucial and we should all have a heightened sense of awareness concerning this topic.

If you or anyone you know has an injury that has resulted in a lasting effect on their psychiatric wellbeing, please seek out help.

The insurance carriers are not interested in providing this benefit but in most cases, obtaining the help you need may be the bridge to overcoming the current obstacles in the path towards recovery.