Denied Workers Compensation Benefits?

If your work comp case is denied, we will spearhead the charge against the employer and insurance company to fight for your benefits by filing a Petition for Benefits on your behalf. After a claim is filed, we will travel with you along the path to a mediation and to trial if necessary.

If the employer and insurance carrier still do not provide you the assistance you require for your injuries, we will take your case all the way to trial. Even then, if your claim is denied in front of the Judge of Compensation Claims, we can pursue further litigation on your behalf by filing an appeal with the First District Court of Appeal.

We have years of experience helping injured workers and their families successfully work through the denied claims process. We don't give up.

Bring your denial letter to us. We will:

  • Review the reason the claim has been denied
  • Give you an honest appraisal of your chances
  • Gather all required reports and records
  • Handle everything from the Petition for Benefits through Appeals Court, if necessary

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